Thursday, April 29, 2010

Relay for Life update...

                                    ~ Teams "Charlie Brown"
                                                            and "Charlie brown Friends"

Both teams to date have raised a total of $3,275 for the American Cancer Society.

The American Cancer Society is the largest private funder of cancer research in the United States of America.

Thank you all for your support and remember, the dollars raised in the past are the dollars helping Charlie now...just think of what your dollars will do for those in the future who will have to fight this same battle!!!!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday April 22, 2010

Kim just called me from Charlie's chemo session and they received the results from the MRI....and it turns out that the spot on his spine which was a cause for concern for the doctor turns out to simply be an arthritis!! Great news!!!

In addition Charlie will only have to go back for the Avastin infusion...all other treatments he is finished with so no more chemo and no more radiation at this point. Dr. Potz believes that there is no reason not to expect Charlie to continue responding to treatment. In fact, when Charlie told Dr. Potz that he gets a little winded when climbing up the stairs, the doctors response was that he is impressed that Charlie is as active as he is. He said most people getting this load of heavy drugs usually don't want to do anything...heck Charlie is out playing 18 holes of golf!!!

So as of today Charlie is to get a CAT scan in 3 weeks to see what everything looks like as far as response to treatment. Then, in one month, he will go back to see Dr. Potz and get the scan results. Also he was told he can cut the steroids pills in half, only taking half a pill a day, starting tomorrow and in one week he can cut it back again by taking half a pill every other day!!!

As per the treatment for Charlie before the Relay for Life in May so I would expect him to be in attendance for the event!!!

Kim and Charlie are very happy about the news today but he is still not in a "remission" yet...we just need to keep the prayers and well wishes headed in their direction.

As I sign off I want to thank you so much for all the prayers

"Once you choose hope anything is possible"... Christopher Reeves

Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday April 16, 2010

Just a quick update for all..

Charlie has not yet recieved his MRI report...Kim and Charlie are going to wait until they see Dr. Potz next Thursday to get the results of the MRI.  Kim said she wants to be present with Charlie when he recieves the results. Keep all fingures crossed it is good news!!

Also Kim told me that the other day Charlie felt well enough to not only go to a Union meeting but also had enough energy to mow their lawn!!!

Heck if he wants to mow the lawn....who's to stop him!!!

Kim felt great about all Charlie's undertakings...a good sign indeed.. I may need a shot of his "go go" juice just to keep my endevers afloat!!

Like I said ..a quik update...Love to you all and thank you so much for your continued suppot!!! We so appreciate it...really!!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yesterday I went down to Pa. to hang out with my sister for the day and we both enjoyed a much needed break from all of our daily stressors.  Kim and I had a great time going to church bizzares trying to get great deals on kid's clothing and other items. I even had my first "bag sale" in which Kim totally delighted in. She laughed her ass off as we tried to fill this poor paper grocery bag with everything we could get our hands on...including a kid size baseball bat!!! We even tripped down memory lane a bit when we spotted an old wood vanity like the one we had as little girls growing up. Kim said she hasn't that much fun in a long I said it was much needed for both of us. I do love my sister Kim!!!

Today Kim called me to tell me that several of their neighbors we talking and approached Charlie to say that they are all so very concerned about him and want to lend hand helping out with the care of their yard... particularly mowing the lawn. Charlie laughed because one of the men in this group actually pays someone else to do his lawn!!! All in all they were very touched at the offer and happily accepted.

The other thing Kim told me was that Charlie said today is the best day he has ever felt even since all this cancer stuff began!! is a good day!!

I will update the blog again once I find out what the results were from Charlie's MRI last week. But what I do know is that all his blood work is coming back so well that the nurses are practically jumping out of their skin to tell him the how good his numbers look!!!

Have a great week and as I mentioned in the last post...feel free to leave a comment or two. They mean so much to Charlie and Kim!!.

Friday, April 9, 2010

To all who are viewing Charlie's Blog...thank you for all comments. They are so needed right now to support Kim and Charlie as they go through these difficult days. Your comments keep them grounded and completely positive. It is always wonderful to know that you have family and friends in your corner.

Thank you so very much!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

As of today April 6, 2010...teams "Charlie Brown" and "Charlie Brown Friends" have raised $2345 for the American Cancer Society Relay for Life in Wissahickon Valley next month.

"Everybody loves Charlie Brown...this one and out very own!"

Our combinded goal for this event is $3500...we are more than halfway there. Please help us meet our goal by making a donation today. Follow the link on the right for both teams.

Thank you for helping to save Birthdays by fighting back against cancer!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 4, 2010

Today is Easter Sunday so first off Happy Easter to all.

Yesterday, Saturday, Kim and Charlie went for a walk in the park and enjoyed a picnic lunch. Although it made him a bit tired, Charlie told me ..."it was a good day".

Today they had some company from Charlie's family. His dad stopped by and one of his brothers who did a little landscaping around the house for them. Kim was thrilled!!!

This week Charlie will have his MRI of the neck...if the scan shows improvement in the two new areas of concern, there may be a chance that he will not need the additional radiation thereapy because they are obviously responding to the chemo. Charlie has one, possibly two more chemo sessions to go then he will go on maintenance. He will also start the pre-treatement for the brain to protect it from any metastasis.

As I keep saying...your thoughts and prayers and well wishes are making all the difference in the world for both Kim and Charlie. Today in mass our priest spoke about hope being the glue which keeps us all connected to our father in heaven. I wanted to ask him for a copy of the sermon...but instead I am just going to do my best to convey his message with my actions and words.

Again, a Happy Easter to everyone...keep the season alive the whole year and stay is just so important to our very fragile human condition.

God Bless

Friday, April 2, 2010

April 2, 2010

Kim called today to give me the update on Charlie.

Yesterday Charlie had another round of chemotherapy and he is really getting beat up by it at this point. She said he is really exhausted and was still sleeping when I spoke to her at 8:30 this morning.

All his blood work is still looking great although when they saw Dr. Potz yesterday they were very anxious to get the MRI results from the test last week. Unfortunately the area scanned was his back and not the neck which is what the doctor wanted to see. He advised Charlie to go back as soon as he can to get the MRI of the neck. What happened was that Dr. Potz called the radiation oncologist to start the radiation on the two new spots on the cervical spine, the radiation doc said no and to get the MRI first. Well he wrote for the wrong test which had Charlie in the scanner for 1 1/2 hours!!! Kim said Charlie will probably be back in the scanner the beginning of next week, but this test will not have him in there for as long as the last test did!!!

Also Kim asked Dr. Potz what he meant when he told them two weeks ago that there was a "dramatic" improvement. Kim, being a numbers gal and all, wanted percentages. She asked 10%, 20% better. Dr. Potz said no, more like better than 50%. He said that the cancer is out of the lymph nodes all together and that there is a 50% + improvement in the lungs and liver. Awesome news!!!

So it was a bit of a mixed bag as far as good news verses bad news, but at least the bad news of having to go back to MRI is a fairly fixable problem.

Please continue to keep Charlie and Kim in your prayers and thank you for all your support. Love from all of us to you and a very Happy Easter too!!!