Monday, July 19, 2010

I visited Kim and Charlie over the weekend. Charlie is really having a lot of back pain, most likely due to the lesions on his spine. He was not able to get out of bed to go downstairs. He is scheduled to start radiation therapy, once again, to the spine this Friday. Hopefully he will get some relief. His pain med had been switched to morphine by mouth but it's not really giving him the relief he needs to ambulate and be comfortable.

Kim did call Dr. Potz for the CAT scan results...much to her dismay...he reported that it was a mixed bag. Some tumors shrunk while other grew a little. Not the report they were hoping to hear.

Charlie is also suppose to get another MRI of the hip and spine I believe.

Please keep them in your prayers...Charlie and Kim are having a tough time right now as both are mentally and physically weary.

Some good news would be such an uplifting and welcome change!

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