Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Yesterday I went down to Pa. to hang out with my sister for the day and we both enjoyed a much needed break from all of our daily stressors.  Kim and I had a great time going to church bizzares trying to get great deals on kid's clothing and other items. I even had my first "bag sale" in which Kim totally delighted in. She laughed her ass off as we tried to fill this poor paper grocery bag with everything we could get our hands on...including a kid size baseball bat!!! We even tripped down memory lane a bit when we spotted an old wood vanity like the one we had as little girls growing up. Kim said she hasn't that much fun in a long I said it was much needed for both of us. I do love my sister Kim!!!

Today Kim called me to tell me that several of their neighbors we talking and approached Charlie to say that they are all so very concerned about him and want to lend hand helping out with the care of their yard... particularly mowing the lawn. Charlie laughed because one of the men in this group actually pays someone else to do his lawn!!! All in all they were very touched at the offer and happily accepted.

The other thing Kim told me was that Charlie said today is the best day he has ever felt even since all this cancer stuff began!! is a good day!!

I will update the blog again once I find out what the results were from Charlie's MRI last week. But what I do know is that all his blood work is coming back so well that the nurses are practically jumping out of their skin to tell him the how good his numbers look!!!

Have a great week and as I mentioned in the last post...feel free to leave a comment or two. They mean so much to Charlie and Kim!!.

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