Sunday, April 4, 2010

April 4, 2010

Today is Easter Sunday so first off Happy Easter to all.

Yesterday, Saturday, Kim and Charlie went for a walk in the park and enjoyed a picnic lunch. Although it made him a bit tired, Charlie told me ..."it was a good day".

Today they had some company from Charlie's family. His dad stopped by and one of his brothers who did a little landscaping around the house for them. Kim was thrilled!!!

This week Charlie will have his MRI of the neck...if the scan shows improvement in the two new areas of concern, there may be a chance that he will not need the additional radiation thereapy because they are obviously responding to the chemo. Charlie has one, possibly two more chemo sessions to go then he will go on maintenance. He will also start the pre-treatement for the brain to protect it from any metastasis.

As I keep saying...your thoughts and prayers and well wishes are making all the difference in the world for both Kim and Charlie. Today in mass our priest spoke about hope being the glue which keeps us all connected to our father in heaven. I wanted to ask him for a copy of the sermon...but instead I am just going to do my best to convey his message with my actions and words.

Again, a Happy Easter to everyone...keep the season alive the whole year and stay is just so important to our very fragile human condition.

God Bless

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