Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5, 2010

It's been a while since my last post and to be honest...that is a good thing!

Charlie is doing great...he is out and about visiting friends, playing golf, and running his endless lists of errands. I spoke with Kim the other day...she called just to tell me how great she thinks Charlie is doing...but she is still cautious. Charlie is scheduled for his next CAT scan on Thursday the 13th. This scan will be compared to his previous scan, which if you remember, showed drastic improvement!!! We are so hoping for another good report like that one!

In the meantime, Charlie has been on the recieving end of so much in the way of well wishes, paryers and food!! When I spoke with him the other day he told me his pant size is currently a size 34X32 and getting a little snug! His voice is also returning to its normal range since he is now being weaned off the steroids. While on the stroids his voice had a bit of a high pitch to it...almost breathless, now he has that deeper voice we are all use to hearing. He aslo told me that he got a buzz cut of the hair he had remaining. Now that chemo has stopped, he should start to see some regrowth shortly so with the buzz cut it should all grow in more evenly and be less noticable as being thin.

Prayers and well wished...well wishes and prayers!!!

Thank you all for both of can truely judge a person by how many of these gifts are bestowed upon them in the name of love.

So as Charlie would say...Chow!!!!

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