Thursday, September 9, 2010

As of today Charlie is still in the hospital. He was moved from the ICU to the oncology floor late Sunday afternoon. Charlie was feeling really good on Sunday...he even made the comment that "I feel like I could go to work right now."

Charlie's pain meds are being taken from the IV form to pill form. Unfortunately they are not translating well and Charlie has been out of it for the last day or so. Last night they weaned some of his medication doses back so hopefully he will be more alert today.

Charlie also had his rehab consult yesterday...once I know the recommendation I will post it. He may stay in the hospital and go to the rehab floor or he may be able to do it as an out patient. But Charlie is walking around so maybe there will be a minimal need for rehab or possibly none at all.

Once Charlie is recovered well enough from the surgery the docs plan on continuing the chemotherapy treatment.


  1. You go Charlie. On your feet and out the door to home. I know you can do it. Tell them to get those pain meds straight. You need pain relief NOT oblivion. My prayers are still out there for you 24/7 Love you

  2. Thanks Carol for your words of encourgment and for following the blog. Charlie is still in the hospital on the oncy floor. Kim is thinking he may be better off on a surgical floor so they can manage his "surgical" pain more effectively!