Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Today Charlie went to see Dr. Potz, however the results of his CT from yesterday were not available yet. I think they were very disappointed to hear that they will have to wait 2 more weeks until they see the doc again and get a clearer picture of how Charlie is doing with his treatments.

This whole process is really beginning to wear on both Kim and Charlie. It is time for some good news.

Please keep praying for them...it is all seemingly harder now for them. Charlie is tired of feeling lousy and Kim is all worried out!

I will keep posting as long as you all keep praying!!!

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  1. My prayers are always with you and definitely with Charlie and Kim. I was really hoping to hear good news on here. Ok Let's all take it that no news is good news. We will keep that stiff upper lip and our shear stubborness will help Charlie get better. Keep that shawl handy Charlie. There are lots of prayers still left in it. Love you Carol:-)