Friday, September 17, 2010

Kim emailed me this note today...

Charlie's stitches came out this morning.!!

He will be getting chemotherapy tomorrow morning at 10:00.

I made the decision to have chemo done on Saturday, since Charlie will already been in the hospital
and his Oncology Doctor, is working the floor this weekend. Thought this was the perfect combination!!!!

According to Dr. Potz, Alimta is not like the other chemo drugs, and is very well tolerated.

If all goes according to plan, Charlie will be released on Monday.

Prayers are working!


  1. Fingers are crossed and praying like crazy. You've been in there long enough Charlie. I just know this new chemo is going to help. I also know you will feel better when you get home and can sleep in your own bed and move around in your own house. Take care and be strong. Prayers will keep coming

  2. Right you are Carol...too long and needs to be home!!!