Saturday, September 25, 2010

Well this first week home has had its ups and downs. Charlie was really tired when he first came home from the hospital. Kim was worried that she wouldn't be able to manage getting Charlie around the house and in and out of the car. But as the week went on he did start to gain some of his strength back.

Yesterday Charlie's dad was with him giving Kim the opportunity to go into work for a few hours. Then his family was over for the latter part of the afternoon into mid evening. Kim said it was a long day for Charlie and that she is sure he's pooped out, but it his spirits are up and it was a good day with his family none the less.

Also...Charlie's blood work for the week was really on that note I am finishing this entry. Please keep the prayers and well wished coming for Charlie. This is a tough battle...and he is fighting back with everthings he's got!!!

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