Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dear Charlie...

You lived your life without any frills
plain and simple and easy and still.

In your death there dare no delay,
when angels harked and came your way.

You’ve found your peace and now you rest,
knowing of your life you’ve done the best.

The love you take from this earthly life
is freely yours given without any strife.

Hold this love deep in your heart,
for it is all we can take from this world when we part.

Please make a place for me there,
and I ask you to watch over with love and care.

Again we will be together and in God’s loving arms,
free from pain and sorrow and harm.

You'll know only a moment before you turn to see,
me standing along side you and smiling, my dearest Charlie.

Good Bye Charlie and God Bless…Heaven knows you will truly be missed.

                       Charles E. Brown

        August 4, 1956 – November 17, 2010

May you find peace in God’s loving arms.

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