Sunday, November 7, 2010

I was down to see Charlie twice this week, once with the kids and once without them. Charlie is still at the hospital with no real word of when he will be going to rehab. Kim told me that Dr. Potz plans to move Charlie once he has gained some strength back, but so far he hasn't really improved as much as hoped.

On Thursday about 11 of Charlie's old coworkers came out to see him and he enjoyed the visit with them. Then on Friday, Aunt Ann came out for a visit and ended up spending the night as an inpatient...she's OK. She wasn't feeling well and was complaining about feeling like she had indigestion. (Nurse) Kim insisted she go down to the ER to bee seen. Her BP was elevated so she was kept for observation. She was discharged yesterday afternoon and went directly down to finish her visit with Charlie!

As soon as I know anything more I will post another entry.

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