Sunday, August 15, 2010

On Friday the Currans headed down to PA to celebrate Michael's 6th Birthday with Aunt Kim and Uncle Charlie. (This was at Uncle Charlie's request!)

We spent the afternoon at Charlie's parent's pool watching the kids swim and enjoying long chats with both Charlie's parents and his brother Pete. Charlie even put on the old swim trunks and ventured into the water to hang with Michael and Grace!

That evening we went back to Kim and Charlie's to indulge in some well deserved pizzas. Then we sang Happy Birthday to Michael and watched him blow out the 6 candles which were standing in a yummy ice cream cake from Carvels!

Charlie headed to bed by 8pm...I think the whole day: as good as it was, turned out to be a bit tiring for him.

Charlie finished his last round of radiation about a week ago, so now he is just trying to regain some strength so he can enjoy some of his daily activities with more ease. As far as resuming chemo...nothing has been really said by the docs about if, when, or what drug will be used. Charlie is trying to be positive but is this so very hard when he has been weak for so long.

Please continue your prayers for Charlie...I know God hears them.

Pray for more good days like this past Friday!

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