Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sorry it has been awhile since my last post...here is what has been going on with Charlie.

Last Thursday Charlie and Kim and Charlie's mom went down to the University of Pennsylvania for another opinion regarding treatment options. They met with a very well noted pulmonary oncologist specialist, Dr. Cory Langer. He seemed to be very confident in the recommendations he prescribed for Charlie. He in fact is now working with the Abington doc on Charlie’s care. Charlie did start back on a new chemo drug last Friday.

Unfortunately, last Saturday evening Charlie's pain got so bad that Kim had to call 911 and got him down to Abington Hospital. Initially, base on x-ray results, they diagnosed Charlie with pneumonia. But upon further test they felt that it was not pneumonia but something that mimicked the appearance of pneumonia on x-rays.

On Sunday Charlie was sent for an MRI to check the disease progression. What was revealed was that his thoracic vertebra at levels T4-T5 (approximately directly between his shoulder blades) part of the bone is collapsing thus putting him at risk for a cord compression injury. If this should happen Charlie, will loose the ability to walk. So the decision was made yesterday that he will have to have surgery on that area in order to preserve the spinal cord.

The laminectomy surgery is tentatively, but most likely, be done tomorrow sometime around 2pm. Then his post op hospital stay will be approximately 5 days...then he will have to go to rehab. At this point not sure if rehab will be done on an inpatient or outpatient basis. Fortunately they will be able to continue with Charlie’s chemo this Friday as scheduled

Today my parents, kids and I will be traveling down to see Charlie and my parents are staying at Kim’s so they can be at the hospital early to support Kim. I will head back down in the early afternoon to see Charlie before surgery.

Please continue your prayers for Charlie...these complications can be so frustrating and disheartening for him. Pray that he keep his will to go on fighting...and for Kim the stamina needed for her to endure.

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  1. Barb Thank you for keeping us all up to date. Please relay to Charlie that our prayers are continuing for him non-stop. Keep up the good work and keep those spirits up. Every new day is a good step in the right direction. Kim - you just keep on going. You are the strongest person in Charlie's life right now and are right where you need to be ---at his side. You just keep up that strength and faith. All our prayers are centered on the two of you right now and will keep on coming.
    I just know Charlie will come through the laminectomy with flying colors. KEEP UP THE FIGHT CHARLIE BROWN!!!!!!!