Monday, August 2, 2010

Spoke with Kim this am...Charlie is getting a little in the way of pain relief from his treatments, although it is very hard for him to make it down the steps, so much of his time is spent in his room. Kim plans on putting a small refrigerater in his room so he can get his Ensure and other food independently. I am going to dig out the old baby monitor and give it to Kim so they can communicate without having to yell when Kim is downstairs.

Kim also said Charlie had a nice visit with his father yesterday. Charlie did get the chance to sit outside for a little during the visit, although he couldn't stay out too long because it became uncomfortable for him rather quickly. Charlie did say how good it felt to get outside.

So this will be another week of radiation, then, according to Dr. Potz, Charlie will get a 4 week break from treatments before restarting his chemo again.

I dropped Michael and Grace off at bible camp today and took a moment to go inside the church, say a prayer and light a candle for Charlie. I think tomorrow I will do the same...only this time I am going to light every unlit candle in the church!

Please keep Charlie and Kim in your prayers...I know God hears them. Today I ask that we all pray for one of His miracles to intervene.

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