Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I was waiting to hear from Kim regarding the CAT scan results before I made an entry...but I haven't yet so I am going to update on what she told me this afternoon.

Charlie was up late on Tuesday... (unusual for him) and then up early today. He had a bowl of cereal,(yeah)...and asked Kim to run down to the gift shop to retrieve a candy bar he wanted. His energy level seems to have improved...he was out of bed today to walk.

Also his pain meds have been decreased so that may be why he has an appetite ( although small) and has gotten out of bed! Dr. Potz in ordering physical therapy and occupational therapy to come, evaluate, and work with Charlie to better improve the ability to move and perform daily tasks!

Hopefully tomorrow I will know more...sometimes Potz doesn't get the chance to see his patients until later in the evening!


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