Monday, October 18, 2010

The last 3 days have not shown a whole lot of improvemnet...not as much as Kim was hoping for.

This week Charlie is scheduled to see Dr. Potz...the appointment is Thursday afternoon. Kim is going to secure an ambulance service to transport him to the appointment and I told her I will come down to go with them. Reportedly, Dr. Potz wants to see how Charlie is long as Charlie feels up to it he will go.

My sister is doing everything humanly possible to keep Charlie comfortable...his pain has lessen over the past few days so that is good. She is with him all day everyday...only steps out when she has the coverage for Charlie because he really cannot be alone for any amount of time at this point.

His appetite is still not up to par...which greatly affects his energy level. Kim pushes him to eat but she consistanly meets with refusal.

I know the prayers are going up...and I know they are heard!
Thank you for those prayers.

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