Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spoke with Kim last night and she said that Charlie has been really weak. He is not really up and walking too much and his appetite has slipped back a bit.

The kids and I are heading down tomorrow to spend the afternoon with them. I asked Kim to take Grace out to get her ears's one of Grace's birthday presents. That will get Kim out of the house and her mind on something else for a little while...Michael and I will spend the time with Charlie.

Please continue with your prayers...they are very much needed and aprreciated.

Thank you...


  1. you are always on my mind Charlie, and though I know this journey is tough, know that we are all with you. May the Lord be with you and comfort you during this time, when things are really tough, and may you feel His presence. Hang in there my friend, may your pain be eased and your strength and courage be your guide. We Love you
    The Martonik Family

  2. You bring me to tears Donna...thank you and your family for all your love and support.
    Charlie and Kim have so many angels on their side...and you are certainly one of them!