Sunday, October 10, 2010

Saw Charlie to spend the afternoon with him as Kim and Aunt Ann and Grace headed out to the mall to get Grace's ears pierced!

Charlie is pretty much in his bed with a trip or two per day to the bathroom. It's so hard for him to get around...and when he does it is with either a wheelchair or walker.

Today I took the kids along with a whole batch of stuffed cabbage, one of Charlie's favorites! Charlie ate a little, his appetite in not stellar...but it was funny because he was trying to talk Michael into eating his dinner.

Charlie did try to make it into the dining room for supper...but he was'nt able to make it so he had his dinner at bedside.

Charlie is not liking the hospital bed much, so he is in the bed Chris and I brought down.

I told Kim about our priest's homily last evening...all about healing and faith. He said that when he was a seminarian at the age of 23, he was diagnosed with cancer. His parents took him to a shrine and a relic was placed on set of tests he went thru showed that he was healed. (He must be 70 if not close to now)

Kim has a relic that our cousin Tom had brought to Charlie from St. John Neumann...a piece of his bone. I told Kim that she must put it on Charlie where it hurts...she did so after I left!

Please pray to St Neumann...we are asking for something special to happen...

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