Wednesday, March 24, 2010

As of February 19, 2010

"Once you choose hope, anything is possible." ~ Christopher Reeves

Charlie had his 6+ hours of chemo yesterday and all went well. His oncologist, Dr. Potz, was extremely pleased with the looks of Charlie's blood work.

To give you a few stats:Blood pressure...110 over 70 (Beautiful!!!)
White blood cell count (normal range 4.5-10.5)
Charlie's was at 10Hemaglobin (normal range 11-18)
Charlie's was at 12.1Platelets (normal range 150-450) Charlie's was at 297!

Dr. Potz was also very surprised when Charlie told him he has been going regularly to the gym! He told them that was great that Charlie felt well enough to do that. As of last night Charlie ate a full dinner although he was warned that he may start to feel some nausea and possibly have some periods of getting sick to his stomach. This due to the chemo but also because the radiation he received is still at work in his body.

Charlie is currently holding his own with that one. Also he has officially gained back the 10 lbs he lost after his diagnosis!!! Another great sign!!Please keep the prayers and good thoughts coming. They all are deeply appreciated.

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