Wednesday, March 24, 2010

February 25, 2010

Kim just called and Charlie had his blood work done today and it has been resulted already.
His WBC (4.5 -10.5) is actually at 17.7 way above normal range. This is good because it is keeping his immune system protected from all the" bad bugs" that may come down the pike. Also his RBC is high but the doc said that is due to some of the drugs he is getting, I believe, to help red blood cell production Kim said Charlie was having a lot of pain yesterday, but again, according to the docs, this is good b/c it means that the regenerative drug he's getting (I think Kim said to support his bone marrow) is also working.

They did go to Fox Chase Cancer Center yesterday for a second opinion but left a little disappointed. Evidently Fox Chase did not have a lot to offer them. In fact, some of the treatment Charlie is getting at Abington, like pretreatment of the brain to protect it from metastasis, they would not necessarily do at Fox Chase. The reason why they sought a second opinion was to make certain that Charlie is receiving all that he can at this point ...and I think they got their answer.

Thank you for caring enough to follow the blog...also thank you for the prayers and well wished. It is really tough right now on both Kim and Charlie...but as in the words of Christopher Reeves "Once you Choose hope anything is possible" We just need make sure they know we love support them and not let anyone take away any of our hope!!!

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