Wednesday, March 24, 2010

February 23, 2010

Today I spoke with Charlie and he sounded well. He said each day after his last chemo session he feels a little better, a little stronger and little bit more energy. Tomorrow Kim and Charlie are headed over to Fox Chase Cancer Center for consultation as a second opinion. They are not really sure if the recommended treatment there will differ from what Charlie is already getting at Abington Hospital, but they feel like it couldn't hurt to see what Fox Chase has to say.

On Thursday Charlie will go for more blood work...keep your fingers crossed that is continues to look as well as it did last week!Charlie is still getting to the gym, but he admits that it is hard for him on some of the equipment these days. He is having some joint pain from the medication along with a feeling of restless legs. But all in all he says he is doing pretty well for the most part. I will try to make another entry on Friday after they see the docs at Fox Chase.

Keep the prayers and good thoughts coming!!!

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