Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Today is Palm Sunday and although our family traditionally celebrates Easter on Easter Sunday, this year we decided to move it up a bit due to the fact that Charlie is sheduled for a chemo session this coming Thursday. So well all gathered at Kim and Charlie's to celebrate the holiday.

There were 10 of us family, my husband myself and our 2 children, my Aunt Ann, cousin Carol, my other Aunt Ann her husband my Uncle Ed and of course...Kim and Charlie. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner prepared by our host and hostess. It was so good to see Charlie back in the kitchen again. He made one of his famous recipes, a hugely well received green bean recipe he so openly stole from our cousin Sandy years ago!!! We also had ham and some homemade pierogies, along with a wonderful dessert of pineapple upside down cake. Charlie enjoyed everything and at least two pieces of cake after dinner.

When I spoke with Charlie to ask how he's feeling, he said good but tired. He is finding it very frustrating to not have the energy to do things like preparing a meal in the kitchen or even taking a walk around the house to follow the kids on their Easter egg hunt. He said..."how much T.V. can you watch?" Well if you posed that question to my two kids the answer would be "what do you mean?" He is loosing his hair, very thin right now, you can see his scalp. The mustache is still in tact...although Charlie claims it is thinning out!

Kim did confide in me at the end of last week that Charlie is beginning to feel a bit depressed...most likely due to his lack of energy. I'm sure the gloomy weather is not helping! Despite being a little low in spirits, Charlie is looking good. He even has a Buddha belly which he is blaming on the steroids he has been getting. Last week Charlie had an MRI of his spine done and he should get the results when he goes back for chemo this week. Keep all those fingers, arms, legs and toes crossed that it is decent news. Dr. Potz also plans to schedule Charlie for PET scan in the not too distant future.

Again...please keep both Kim and Charlie in your prayers especially during this most holy of weeks. I know our prayers are heard and they do make a difference. Thanks and I will update Charlie's progress after I hear from him on Friday!!

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